Disc golf baskets

Baskets for practice or hanging out with friends. Find a high-quality basket that suits your needs from the most popular brands.


Disc golf baskets

Disc golf baskets are the most important element of disc golf courses worldwide. They come in different versions, and are also available in transportable versions for training at home in the garden. The lightest of the disc golf baskets are made to be taken out when they are to be used and then packed away again, while the large models can withstand standing outside all year round.

History of the disc golf basket

Disc golf was played before the disc golf basket as we know it today was invented. In that way, disc golf is a very natural sport, and competing for who can hit a particular tree or other object with a disc has existed before the basket came into being. The invention of the modern disc golf basket happened in 1978 when Ed Headricks obtained a patent for his "Flying disc entrapment device".

Ed Headricks disc golf basket patent from 1978

Hitting the discgolf course

Once you've trained your putts at home with your favorite disc golf putter, it's time to hit the discgolf course. Putting is just part of the game and when you take on the course it is important that both your midrange, fairway drivers and distance drivers are also coming. At Disc Tree, we always have a large selection of disc golf discs that you can be inspired by by clicking around the store.