American GRIP makes some of the best and most popular disc golf bags on the market. They come in several different versions and are particularly known for their good quality.


GRIPeq Disc Golf Bags

Disc golf bags from GRIPeq are known to be some of the best bags on the market. GRIPeq is colloquially called "Grip" and opened for the first time in 2009. Since then, Grip has been the hallmark of disc golf bags of the highest quality. They are particularly known for their "Jet-pack" like design, with large and highly functional side pockets.

If you follow disc golf at the highest level, you are guaranteed to come across GRIPeq bags among the professional players. In addition to the regular editions of the Griptasks, there are also a number of special editions which have been made in collaboration with disc manufacturers, players and others from the disc golf community.