Tritanium eXtend Compression

Tritanium eXtend Compression

With compression equipment from Tritanium, you can both prevent and relieve pain in connection with injuries. Tritanium is designed in Finland and is a favorite in disc golf.


Tritanium eXtend Compression

Tritanium is a Finnish brand that designs and develops quality compression equipment for sports, rehabilitation, travel and other purposes where extra support is a necessity. Their design is simple and the quality is high.

Compression for joints and muscles

Tritanium makes two types of compression equipment which provide respectively high and low compression. Regardless of whether you need to use it for everyday and travel activities or high-intensity sports, there is a product for you.

  • Compression level 1 - Low (10-15hg)

    Indication that Level 1 compression or low compression can be beneficial is, for example, mild swelling, mild pain and fatigue in the body.

  • Compression level 2 - High (20-30hg)

    Indications that Level 2 compression or high compression can be beneficial are e.g. physical work, sports, body fatigue and pain and general support.

Tips and instructions for use

If you suspect an injury to your body, it is always recommended that you contact a healthcare professional to obtain the best professional advice. Compression gear has many benefits and will often be recommended, but it is important to make sure that it is also the right solution for you. If irritation begins, you can try relief and compression yourself. In case of persistent and/or increasing irritation and pain, you should seek medical advice.