Events for bachelor parties

Are you looking for a fun and different event for a bachelor party, where you try one or more disc sport disciplines, then we are happy to tailor and event for you.

Disc Tree Events bachelor parties

You can read more about the different disciplines here, or contact us via the form on this page. Feel free to add a description of your event in the inquiry, and we will return with a suggestion. Please add a few line about you, including:

  • Number of participants - Approximately how many will you be?
  • Timeframe - How long should the event last?
  • Location - Where should the event be?
  • Intensity - Do you want some sweat on the field?

Equiment for the event

We can bring discs for loan or deliver discs from the store to you in connection with the event. If you order at least 3 weeks before the event and have your logo ready as vector graphics, we can make brand new discs for you with your own logo or design! We are also happy to help with the design of a disc for your event, contact us for more information.

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