Neutron Time-Lapse Simon Line First Run Prototype

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Release Information

At Disc Tree, we have chosen to donate our 10 TimeLapse to a good disc golf cause in Denmark. On Wednesday 20 September at 19:00 (Danish time) we will sell them on our Facebook page in a live auction. Come and join! Find the auction event here:

Product description

Time-Lapse is a speed 12 driver that appears here for the first time from Axiom in Simon Lizotte's new series of discs called "Simon Line". Simon Line is an expression of the very special throws Simon Lizotte is known for making, as he throws incredibly far and can therefore often make some choices on the court that others simply do not have the opportunity to.

Time-Lapse is a distance driver that is made for the longest throws. With a small turn and a reliable fade, the Time-Lapse is a versatile driver that can be used on many holes when you have to throw far from the tee or from the fairway.