Discraft ESP FLX Thrasher

ESP FLX Thrasher

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The Thrasher is a relatively unstable distance driver. It will do well for players who do not have the fastest arm but who are still able to throw a distance driver and watch it fly. It's a disc used by many female players as well as advanced men's players who do not quite have the power to overthrow the more overstable distance drivers. A Thrasher has an unstable glide, which makes it easy to turn it and get the maximum throwing distance.

This edition comes in the ESP FLX plastic that has been added to Discraft's line-up in early 2023. The ESP FLX is a combination of the ESP and FLX plastics that inherite the beautiful details and the fantastic grib from the ESP as well as the durability and flexibility from the FLX-plastic. This makes a disc that is very good in all weather conditions and especially great on the colder days.