RipItGrip Traction Pad PDGA Lie Zone Marker

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With a traction pad from RipItGrip, you get a portable traction pad that ensures you stand firm when you have to throw. You place your traction pad where you want to put your foot in the throw, and the non-slip surface helps you not to slip. RipItGrip's traction pads are designed to be used on slippery tee pads or wet areas on the course where it might otherwise be difficult to get a firm stand.

A traction pad has a rubber underside which ensures a good grip on the surface. If this is not enough, it can be turned around so that the very rough side faces down instead. This version measures 20x30cm, which is also the size of PDGA's defined Lie Zone. It therefore has exactly the size of the area behind your disc that you must have contact with when you throw.

When you choose the color of your Traction Pad, you choose the color of both the edge and the rubber on the underside. A "Pink - Blue" has a pink border and blue rubber on the underside. Traction Pads come with a carabiner so you can easily attach it to your bag.