Zone GT Battle Pack

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Do you want to take part in testing two completely new editions of the popular Zone? Then you have the chance here. Discraft is developing a new version of their Zone GT, with a special top on the disc. For that, they would like your input on whether the top should be the one you know from the Banger GT with a wide indentation a bit inside the disc, or from the Ringer GT, where the indentation is closer to the edge of the disc.

These discs are NOT PDGA-approved and you can therefore help vote for which of the two discs should be applied for and which will never be put into production. The discs come in Discraft's Premium Z-Line plastic.

Once you have tested discene, you can take part in the vote directly at Discraft at the end of October. More information on this is available directly from Discraft. When you participate in testing discene and cast your vote, you also participate in Discraft's competition for a Mega Zone Pack which contains all stock versions of Discraft's Zone and Zone OS.

Release is expected at the end of October (to be updated).

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