Explore a large selection of disc golf accessories. With everything from towels and sports sacks to bags and retrievers, you will find everything you need for both tournaments, training and casual days on the disc golf course.


Disc Golf Accessories

Whether you are going to the disc golf course or practicing at home, there are many different disc golf accessories you can use. It ranges from disc golf bags and disc golf baskets , to mini discs, towels, sports bags and much more. At Disc Tree you will always find a great selection of disc golf accessories and we would love to hear from you if there is something you think is missing.

Disc golf towels

A towel is a must-have in most players' bags. They are convenient to have at hand when you are out on the course as you will often find that golf discs get dirty or wet during the game. To ensure that you always have a good grip on the disc before you throw, a disc golf towel can be a good investment.

Disc golf sportsacks

A sportsack is a small cloth bag that helps you to always keep your hands dry and ensure a good grip on the disc. Whether you have wet hands due to rain and moist grass or sweaty palms on a hot summer day, a sportsack is good to carry in your bag. There are different sportsacks and while some contain chalk,as it is also known from climbing there are also other materials that have the same properties.

A world of disc golf equipment and golf discs

At Disc Tree you will always find a wide selection of equipment and discs for disc golf . Whether you are a beginner or an experienced disc golf player, we have equipment to suit you. We import all our products directly from the manufacturers all over the world in order to offer you the best price on your new equipment.