MVP Network

MVP Network is an association of the three American brands MVP, Axiom and Streamline. They produce different discs and use the same types of plastic.


MVP Network is the collective term for the group of disc golf brands that produce and sell discs together. The three primary brands in the MVP Network are MVP Disc Sport , Axiom Disc and Streamline disc . These three brands each release their own discs and share plastic types and production methods.

What is the difference between MVP, Axiom and Streamline

MVP, Axiom and Streamline belong together under the MVP Network and share, among other things, the different types of plastic that each brand produces their discs in. Each brand has its own molds and models, and at first glance it is easy to tell the difference between their discs.

MVP and Axiom are both characterized by the fact that they produce overmold discs, where the rim of the disc has a different color than the center of the disc. Even so, it is easy to tell the difference between the two brands, as MVP always has a black border on their discs, while the border on Axiom's discs is often very colorful. The names of Axiom discs move within the cognitive, emotions and the mind, while MVP names their discs based on the world of physics.

Streamline discs come out as full-mold discs, which means that they never have an edge that is different from the rest of the disc. At the same time, Streamline is known for their very colorful stamps in both 2 and 3 colours. The names of Streamline discs can often be attributed to flight and airplanes.

MVP Disc Sport, Axiom and Streamline plastic types

MVP Disc Sport, Axiom and Streamline all produce discs in the same plastic types. Each plastic type is designed to offer a unique combination of grip, durability and flight characteristics to suit players of all skill levels. At Disc Tree you have the opportunity to explore all the different types of plastic that MVP Network has to offer and find the perfect match for you. Read more about the 5 primary types of plastic here.

  • Neutron Plastic
    Neutron plastic is the preferred choice for players who demand quality and durability. With a good balance between grip and stiffness, Neutron discs offer consistent flight characteristics and Neutron plastic discs can withstand long use. The eye-catching dual-color injection adds an extra dimension of style to the discs in your bag.

  • Proton Plastic
    Proton plastic is a transparent premium plastic that ensures you have a good grip on the disc. Disc in proton plastic retains its flying properties, even after intensive use and you can be sure that you have a reliable disc in your bag, even when you play a lot. Proton discs are designed to stand out with their unique transparent appearance that gives your disc golf bag a lively touch.

  • Plasma Plasti
    Plasma is another premium plastic from MVP that offers both swirling colors and a metallic sheen that creates some absolutely fantastic visual effects. The plastic's durability also helps to ensure consistency in the disc's flight characteristics under different conditions on the track and in the weather. Experience the fusion of style and performance with Plasma discs.

  • Electron Plastic
    Electron plastic is tailored for the decisive moments of the game when you putt and throw your approach shots. This grippy and flexible plastic provides a comfortable grip that is essential for confident casts at short distances. As a basic plastic, Electron discs are perfect for players who prioritize a good grip and precision in the final throws towards the basket.

  • Fission Plastic
    For players looking for more distance in their throw without having to throw too hard, Fission plastic offers just that. This lightweight compound allows for increased speed and distance potential without compromising control. Fission discs are particularly suitable for players with lower arm speed or those.

You can read more about MVP's plastic types on MVP's own website .