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Bottom Stamp Discs

When manufacturers choose to stamp discs on the underside, it is called a bottom stamp disc. It may be something they do in connection with a special release, or it may be something they do to make the disc more suitable for coloring.

Bottom Stamp Discs for Disc Golf

Bottom stamp discs are disc golf discs where the disc's stamp is placed on the underside of the disc rather than its top. This understated approach to design gives the disc a minimalist look, while still bearing the brand's signature and identity. Only a few producers make discs with this special way of putting the discus stamp. If you prefer a very clean look on your discs, or if you just want something a little different, then a bottomstamp disc is just the thing for you.

Ideal for DIY dyeing

The white bottom stamp discs are often very popular among players and collectors who like to dye their own discs. The clean white canvas offers plenty of opportunities to be creative without having to take into account whether the design plays well with the stamp. The disc is also still easy to identify afterwards as the stamp is visible on the underside. You can see all the discs we recommend for your next DIY project here, where you can also find dye to get started. On this page you will also find individual bottom stamp discs that have already been colored by our skilled partners.

Exclusive editions

Bottom stamp discs are often released in limited editions, where we cannot guarantee that we will ever get them again. For example, Discraft's popular Tour Series in 2023 was only released as bottom stamp discs, making them particularly sought after by fans and collectors.

Strategic advantage in competition?

Without a visible design on the top, players can hide which disc they choose to throw from their competitors. It can be useful in competition where opponents try to read the weather conditions by watching how a disc flies. You probably shouldn't expect to win championships just by having Bottom Stamp discs, but in close competitions you have to go for the margins.