iDye Poly 14g

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iDye Poly is the dye that has practically become the standard when it comes to coloring your own discs. Made by manufacturer Jacquard, iDye Poly can dye virtually any synthetic material, including plastic, nylon, buttons, 3D printed objects, toys, figurines, and more. The paint comes in a dissolvable plastic package, so you don't have to mess with e.g. powder color. The dissolvable package is placed in a pot of water and your color is ready. The package also comes with a "color intensifier", which is added to the solution.

Custom dye disc golf discs

It has become incredibly popular for disc golf players to color or paint their discs themselves. This is also called Custom Dye. It is recommended that you use white discs as a starting point and from here it is only your imagination that sets the limits for the new design on your disc.

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