Disc Golf Distance driver profile

Distance Drivers

The distance driver is used for the very longest throws in disc golf and can fly more than 100 meters. At Disc Tree we have a wide range of distance drivers from the most popular brands.


Disc golf distance drivers

A disc golf distance driver is the disc used for the longest throws. It can be anywhere from 60 meters to over 100 meters. A distance driver is characterized by the profile being very sharp so that it can fly through the air with the least possible air resistance.

At Disc Tree we always have a large selection of discs, and once you have found your next distance driver you can also see all our puttere, midranges and fairway drivers. As a new disc golf player you can also find a distance driver in one of our beginner-friendly disc golf starter set .

Which distance driver should I choose?

If you are brand new to disc golf, it is very tempting to also choose one or more distance drivers. This is often because you see experienced players throw very far with these discs. To make a distance driver fly far requires a lot of technique and power in the throw. Therefore, it is important for beginners especially that one starts with distance drivers in a lower weight class between 150 and 170 grams. In addition, it can be an advantage to choose an unstable distance driver in the beginning. An understable distance driver is a disc where the sum of the last 2 flight numbers (turn and fade) is less than -1.