En ung mand går med en Alfa Discs taske i solnedgangen ved et strandige

Alfa Discs

Alfa Discs is the first disc golf manufacturer from Norway with a growing number of discs and bags in their line up. The quality is top notch and at Disc Tree we follow them with excitement.

Alpha Discs

Alfa Disc is a new disc golf manufacturer from Norway, which with their first disc Apollo has quickly found a place in many players' bags. Their discs are characterized by good flight characteristics and stamps of the highest quality.

Alfa Discs plastic types

Alfa disc produces their discs in two different plastic types called Crystal and Chrome. Crystal is a slightly transparent and slightly harder plastic, while Chrome is slightly softer. You can read more about Alfa Discs on their own website.

Disc golf tasks from Alfa Discs

In addition to their discs, Alfa Discs has also produced 4 tasks in their ECO-line series. The bags are named 1.0, 2.0, 3.0 and 4.0, and the size and capacity of the bags follow the scale. The small bag is a shoulder bag with space for around 10 discs, while the large 4.0 bag is a backpack with space for over 20 discs.

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