Alfa Discs

Alfa Discs

Alfa Discs is a new producer from Norway with a growing number of discs on the market.
The quality is top notch and at Disc Tree we follow them with excitement.


Clash Discs

Clash Discs is a new Finnish disc golf manufacturer founded in 2021. Despite its very young age, Clash Discs has already managed to gain international attention with a major sponsorship of Nikko Locastro.

Clash Discs plastic types

Clash discs have two primary plastic types. STEADY is the first one they launched and it is also their premium plastic. It is a bit soft and can best be compared to star, s-line or ESP plastic from other manufacturers. HARDY is the latest plastic from Clash Discs. It is a slightly stiffer putter plastic with a slightly lower durability than STEADY and at the same time a really good grip.

Team Clash Discs

Clash Discs has launched their new line-up of discs with a major sponsorship of Nikko Locastro from the USA. It is rarely seen that a new player in the market makes a sponsorship deal with such a big name on the international disc golf scene.

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