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Schwebs Ink

Schwebs Ink is a Danish company specialized in custom dyes of disc golf discs.
It is run by Michael Schwebs and started in 2021.


Schwebs Ink

Schwebs Ink was founded in 2021 by Michael Schwebs who for many years has worked with custom dye of discs at the hobby level. With the creation of Schwebs Ink, the hobby is taken to the next level and the collaboration with Disc Tree aims to spread the fat discs even more. Today, Schwebs Ink already delivers colorful discs in the easily recognizable style to players across the country.

Michael Schwebs

Michael Schwebs is an experienced disc golf player and tournament director who since 2009 has been involved in the Danish disc golf environment. He has especially spent his time in "Æ Disc Golf Klub 6100" in Southern Jutland. Michael is nationally known for his always good mood, his smiley in the rear window and his "WUP WUP", which you can often hear when Michael plays and cheers on his teammates.

Michael Schwebs wearing Disc Tree shirt