Disc Golf Discs

In our large selection of discs and frisbees you will find everything you need for disc golf. You can easily search and filter in the many discs to be inspired or find the exact disc you are looking for.


Disc golf discs of the highest quality

At Disc Tree you will find a wide range of golf discs from the most popular brands worldwide. Each brand has a large selection of discs and while some disc golfers choose discs from the same brand, there are also many who have discs from several different manufacturers in their bag. Common to all golf discs is that they can be divided into 4 primary types of discs, each of which has its purpose on the course. The 4 types are putter , midrange , fairway driver and distance driver . At Disc Tree we always have a lot of different discs in the store.

If you are a new player and you are looking for a disc golf set with beginner-friendly discs, you will also find a number of disc golf starter kits and starter kits in the store. These disc golf starter packs contain a minimum of 3 discs and are perfect for your first trip on the course.


A putter is typically used on the last 10-20 meters when you have to get the disc in the basket. The putter is characterized by a very round profile as seen in the picture below. With the wide profile, the putter is designed to fly slower than the other types of discs, and it typically does not jump as far away from the place it first hits the ground. Putters are typically discs with a speed flight number of 1-3.


Midrange discs are typically used on 20-60 meter throws when you need to have the disc close to the basket or when you need to make a precise throw to get a better starting point on a long hole. Midranges are characterized by a relatively round profile, however, with a little more edge than the putter. Midranges are typically discs with a speed flight number of 4-5.

Fairway driver

A fairway driver is typically used for longer throws of 60-100 meters and is often seen used both from the tee spot as well as for the second or third throw on a long hole. For beginners, we recommend that a fairway driver is the typical disc you choose from the tee, as distance drivers require a lot of training and often will not fly well in the beginning. Fairway drivers have a pretty sharp profile compared to both midranges and putters. Fairway drivers are typically discs with a speed flight number of 6-9.

Distance driver

A distance driver is typically used for the long throws of more than 80 meters and experienced disc golfers often choose this type when throwing from the tee on the long holes. The sharp edge of the disc means that the disc often jumps or slides a lot when it hits the ground (also called a "skip"). This means that you have to have a lot of control over the disc, both in the air and when it hits the ground, to get the result you want. The distance driver has the sharpest profile of the four types. Distance drivers are typically discs with a speed flight number of 10 or higher.

Other types of disc golf discs

Fairway drivers and distance drivers are often collectively referred to as "drivers", and the only difference between the two categories is how fast they are designed to be thrown. At Disc Tree, we believe the difference is important, especially for beginners. Distance drivers require a lot more technique to throw than fairway drivers and the selection of beginner-friendly fairway drivers is significantly larger. Without the right technique, you will find that they do not fly as they are designed to.

There is also an intermediate category between putters and midranges, called "putt and approach" discs. These are typically speed 4 discs, and can be used both as putters and as midranges. At Disc Tree you will find these discs, both when searching for a putter and when searching for a midrange.

Disc golf equipment, bags and baskets

At Disc Tree you will find everything you need for disc golf. In addition to golf discs, you will also find in our range disc golf equipment such as disc golf bags and transportable baskets for training at home in the garden.

Why do we call it a “disc” and not a “Frisbee”?

The term "frisbee" has been a trademark since 1958 when the toy manufacturer Wham-O registered it. This is the reason why in both ultimate frisbee and disc golf the term "disc" is used instead of "frisbee". A frisbee is thus a specific disc of form and manufacturer, where the term "disc" is general and covers all types of discs.

When you first get acquainted with a disc, it is often the cheap one down from the toy store and they typically do not fly very well. In disc sport you use many different discs, and they all fly better than the cheap toy discs you have tried. At disc tree, we only sell discs that are approved for disc sports, and whether you just want to throw at each other on the beach or in the garden, these discs will be a better experience.

Official discs for disc golf

Disc golf is an organized sport with a governing international organization, PDGA, which sets a number of requirements for which discs may be used in tournaments. PDGA stands for "Professional Disc Golf Association". In order for a disc to be used in tournaments sanctioned by the PDGA, it must first be approved. There are a lot of golf discs that are approved for use in tournaments and a lot of manufacturers are fighting for a bite of the sale. A disc golf disc that is approved for tournaments is typically referred to as “PDGA approved”.

Some tournaments are played without being subject to PDGA rules. These are usually club tournaments or fun tournaments, and here you can play with everything the tournament organizer allows.