Disc Golf Fairway driver profile

Fairway Drivers

A fairway driver is used for the slightly longer throws from 40 to 100 meters for experienced players. At Disc Tree you will always find a wide selection of fairway drivers from the most popular international brands.


Disc golf fairway drivers

A disc golf fairway driver is often used from the tee and is a faithful companion for disc golf players of all levels. It is characterized by having a relatively low profile so that it easily cuts through the air. A fairway driver is used for the slightly longer throw from 40 to 100 meters.

At Disc Tree we always have a great selection of discs and once you have found your next fairway driver you can also see all our putters, midranges and distance drivers. As a new disc golf player, you can also find a fairway driver in one of our beginner-friendly disc golf starter sets.

Which fairway driver should I choose?

As a new player, it is recommended that a fairway driver be your primary driver for the longest throws. Depending on which disc you choose, early in your disc golf career you will be able to throw relatively far, with the right fairway driver.

It is important to consider both the stability and weight of the disc when choosing which fairway drivers you want to have on the track. For newer players, it may be an advantage to have an unstable disc in a lighter version. The lighter discs are those that weigh between 150 and 170 grams.

To find out if a disc is understable, stable or overstable, one can look at the disc's flight numbers. These are the 4 numbers that are on the disc, and then are shown on all golf discs in the shop. By adding the last two numbers together, the ones called Turn and Fade, you get an indication of the stability of the disc. If the sum of the turns and fades is less than -1, the disc is understable. If sums are between -1 and 1, the disc is stable, and if it is above 1, the disc is overstable.