En grå Cloudbreaker disc golf disc fra Discmania klippet ind på en mørk himmel med ravne der flyver omkring

Special Discs

Whether you're looking for Tour Series, Halo discs, customs dyes or other special editions of your favorite disc, you've come to the right place. Here you will find a large selection of special disc golf discs from all the major brands.

Disc golf discs come in many versions and here you will find all the special editions that will get a little extra attention on the course. Whether you're looking for a special plastic type, a signature disc from your favorite player, anniversary discs or a first run, you'll find our selection here. 

Special types of plastic

Many manufacturers of disc golf discs release some of their most popular discs in special plastic types. It can be Halo discs from Innova or Orbit from Latitude 64 and Trilogi which are characterized by two different colors of plastic used for the outer rim and the center of the disc. 

Signature and tour series discs

The best professional disc golf players will have one or more discs with their name on released every year. When you buy one of these discs, you help support the professional players and at the same time you get a unique disc. For some players, both signature discs and tour series are collectors' items among their fans.

First run and prototype discs

When a new model comes out for the first time, the first edition that is produced and sold is called the first run. Many of the manufacturers release their first run discs in a special plastic or color that is only used for first runs. This helps to make these discs rare and there are many collectors who go to great lengths to get hold of these editions. In some cases, disc golf disc manufacturers also release prototypes of new discs for sale.