Lightweight discs

Letvægtsdiscs er discs som vejer under 170 gram. De kommer i mange forskellige molds og her finder du et udvalg af discs og plastiktyper i den lette ende af skalaen. Uanset om du foretrækker de lette discs eller mangler en der flyver ekstra langt i medvind, så er der noget til dig.

Lightweight discs for disc golf

Disc golf discs come in many different versions, and one of the primary factors when choosing a new disc is the weight. The rules for what a disc golf disc must weigh are set by the PDGA (Professional Disc Golf Association) standard for disc golf discs. You can of course play with whatever disc you want when playing for fun, but for tournaments the disc must comply with the PDGA standard. Therefore, the vast majority of discs on the market are also PDGA approved. You can read more about the PDGA standard for discs on the PDGA website

The maximum weight for a disc is 200 grams according to the PDGA standard, but most modern discs weigh a maximum of 180 grams. Lightweight discs are discs that weigh less than 170 grams. There can be many reasons why a player prefers a lighter disc, and here you will find a large selection of lightweight discs at Disc Tree.

What is the difference between regular and lightweight discs?

When you choose a lightweight disc, they will find that it flies differently than the same mold in a heavier version. They will often be less stable and slightly more sensitive to wind, which can have various advantages and disadvantages. In a tailwind, you will experience that lightweight discs can fly very far, and most world records in long throws are set with discs that weigh less than 170 grams.

Why choose lightweight discs?

We recommend slightly lighter discs for new players and for players who do not throw with great power. This group will often benefit from choosing a lightweight disc and find they are easier to throw. Many players will also be able to throw further with the slightly lighter discs. It is of course always an assessment of the purpose, and especially in a headwind, the lighter discs can be a little more difficult to control. Therefore, it is also important that you have a varied selection of discs in your bag.

How does a disc become lighter?

The manufacturers of discs have different methods they can use to make discs easier. The production of these discs is not quite as simple as one would think, as it is important that it does not exceed the shelf life of the disc. That is why you see, among other things, that series of lightweight discs are being released in different types of plastic than you know from the regular discs. It can be, for example, Innova's Blizzard Champion, where small air bubbles have been added in the plastic, which help to define the disc's appearance.

You will also find a large selection of lightweight discs in the traditional plastic types. These are typically made by lowering the pressure in the injection molding machine so that less plastic is added to the mold.