Streamline er MVPs lillebror som fokusere på at lave single mold discs i absolut højeste kvalitet. Du finder alle de kendte plastiktyper fra MVP i streamlines line up.



Streamline discs is an offshoot of MVP and therefore belongs to a group of brands with MVP and Axiom. Contrary to the other two brands, Streamline discs are focused on making "single mold" discs, unlike MVP and Axiom which primarily make their discs as overmolds. The single mold technique is simpler and Streamline's mission is therefore to deliver discs of very high quality to players who prefer this type of disc.

Streamline plastic types

Streamline releases their discs in the same plastic types as MVP and Axiom. The plastic types were developed at MVP. The most popular are Electron and Neutron. Electron is a baseline plastic that is designed to give a good grip, which is why it is popular for putters. Neutron is a premium plastic with high wear resistance that lasts for many years. MVP also has a glow plastic named Eclipse, and two more premium plastics, Proton and Plasma. Several of their plastic types come in a Cosmic version which is a swirly of the plastic. For lightweight discs, MVP has developed the plastic Fission, which has small air bubbles in the plastic, which helps to keep the disc's weight down.