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Custom Dye Discs

Dive into a world of color and creativity with hand-dyed disc golf discs. These unique discs bring an artistic touch to the game as each disc is completely unique with vibrant colors and patterns that stand out on the court. The discs are painted by our skilled collaborators, whom you help to support when you buy their works of art.

Custom dye discs

With a custom dye disc, you get a disc that has been painted by a professional. At Disc Tree we collaborate with skilled artists who specialize in coloring disc golf discs. Here you will find a selection of completely unique discs that they have painted, and you will therefore have the opportunity to have a disc in your bag of which there is only one. The discs retain their original flight characteristics, so they can of course be used just like the regular versions of the same disc that you know.

Unique works of art in your bag

Each custom dyed disc in our collection is photographed individually so you can see exactly the artwork you are purchasing. No two discs are the same, so you get a completely unique disc. These discs are perfect for collectors and gamers who want to add a personal and artistic touch to their games. When you choose a custom dyed disc, it gives a little extra color to the bag, and you get to see the beautiful patterns fly every time you throw. .

Support the artists behind discene

By purchasing a custom dye disc, you are directly supporting the artists who create these beautiful discs. At Disc Tree, we are proud to collaborate with talented artists such as Schwebs Ink and Bursprak Farver , whose creativity and passion for disc golf shines through in every design.

Make your own custom dyes

If you want to try painting your discs yourself, there is plenty of opportunity to get started quickly. You will find a large selection of white discs in premium plastic and the right color to paint your discs right here in the shop.