Disc golf macro discs


Disc golf macro discs

A macro disc in disc golf is a term for the largest legal markers you may use in tournaments. A marker must be up to 15 cm in diameter and macros are typically somewhere between 12 and 15 cm. You can therefore also say that a macro is a large mini marker .

A minimarker disc for disc golf has many names and typically refers to the same thing; namely a small version of a disc. These are used exclusively to mark where you have landed, and therefore must not be used to throw in the game itself. .

PDGA requirements for marking in disc golf

PDGA stands for Professional Disc Golf Association and it is the name of the governing international organization for disc golf, which sets and maintains the rules of the game. For tournaments that are subject to PDGA rules (also called PDGA-sanctioned tournaments), it is a requirement that you use a mini marker to mark the disc's lie if you want to pick up the disc before you have thrown your next throw.

The PDGA sets a number of simple requirements for the design of an approved mini in order for it to be used in tournaments. This means that a mini must have the shape of a circle with a diameter of 7 to 15 cm and a height that does not exceed 3 cm. The individual mini does not need to be approved, but must comply with these requirements. If you are in doubt on the day of the tournament whether your marker complies with the requirements, you can always ask the tournament official.

What is the difference between a mini and a macro disc?


The difference between a mini and a macro disc is only in the diameter of the disc. There are no official rules for where the border exactly lies. Some players prefer a macro, just because they think it's fun and because macros often come in several fun versions and with special patterns or prints. It is therefore only a personal preference that determines whether one should choose one or the other. We will most often refer to discs with a diameter of between 12 and 15 cm as a macro.