Northstar er et dansk mærke som både designer og producerer alle deres discs i Danmark. De første discs udkom i 2022 og mange flere er på vej.



Northstar is a Danish disc golf manufacturer founded by Peter Kofoed. All their discs are designed and produced in Denmark with the aim of contributing to the national disc sports development. The first discs hit the stores in 2022 and the selection is continuously growing. 

Northstar plastiktyper

Northstar discs come in three primary plastic types in 2022: Base-Line, Competition Line (C-Line) and Northstar Line (NS-Line). Base-Line is a basic plastic with a good grip that is primarily used for putters and midranges. C-Line and NS-Line are both premium plastic types that are characterized by high durability. C-Line is slightly transparent while NS-Line is solid. 

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You can follow Northstar on their own website and on social media where they can be found on both Instagram and Facebook.