Starter pack 3

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In the large disc golf starter set, you find a disc golf bag and a total of 8 disc golf discs from popular Discmania. This pack is for the enthusiast who is looking to get started with a full bag. The set contains 3 putters, 1 midrange for the shorter distances, 2 fairway drivere and 2 distance drivers. 

In addition to the 8 discs and the bag, there is also a disc golf towel to remove soil and water from your discs and a mini disc to mark where your disc has landed.  

The set contains:

  • 3 Discmania Starter bag
  • 1 Discmania Active Sensei putter
  • 1 Discmania Active Maestro midrange
  • 1 Discmania Active Magician fairway driver
  • 1 Discmania Active Genius fairway driver
  • 2 Discmania Mentor distance driver
  • 1 Discmania Tech towel towel
  • 1 Disc Tree mini marker