Innova Halo Star Destroyer

Halo Star Destroyer

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The Innova Destroyer is the most popular distance driver ever, and at the same time Innova's most sold disc. There are many reasons for this but most importantly, it has a spot in the bag of every disc golfer out there. I the Halo plastic you get a special edition of the Destroyer that will get a lot of attention from the other players out on the course. 

The reliable turn and the consistent fade saves it a spot in all of Innovas sponsored players and the is recommended for both forhand and backhand throws. The disc does take some technique to really get the full benefit of this classic, and we recommend it for the more experienced players. For newer players, the light weight "Blizzard Champion" edition is a great starting point. .

OBS: Minor variation in the discs appearance might occur due to the nature of the halo plastic.