Halo Star Thunderbird

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A Thunderbird is an overstable fairway driver that holds up very well in the wind. It can be used by anyone, but our recommendation is that beginners only use it when they have gained control of more understable fairway drivers.

Experienced players use the Thunderbird for throwing, where they want to be sure of having a disc that does not turn and at the same time they do not want to have too strong a fade. The disc is also very reliable in its glide at both anhyzer and hyzer angles, where you can feel confident in what it is doing every time you throw it.

In Halo Star plastic, you get a disc from the very top shelf in terms of both quality and design. Halo discs are particularly known for their characteristic appearance and it will always be a little more fun to pull it out of the bag when you have to make the long throws.