K1 Gold DIY

K1 Gold DIY

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Guld is a stable distance driver from Kastaplast which is designed for the longest throws. Experienced players will find long distances off the tee while newer players will experience marked stability from the disc. We recommend Gold to players who throw a minimum of 80m+ in their drives from the tee.

In the DIY version, you get a completely white disc which is particularly suitable for painting yourself. Painting discs has become very popular and is also called "Custom Dye", where special paint developed to color plastic is used to create beautiful patterns on the disc. The disc comes with a small "Kastplast DIY" stamp on the underside. The name of discens mold is molded into the bottom of the disc. Kastaplast K1 plastic is known for being particularly good at absorbingcolour.

The product image shows the bottom of the disc. The top is completely white with no stamp.