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Where can I play disc golf?

There are more than 120 disc golf course in Denmark and most of them are free to play. Around the country you'll find many locale disc golf courses with 9 to 12 holes. You will also find a range of larger courses with 18 to 22 holes. It can take anything from 30-40 minutes to play a round on one of the smaller courses to around 2 hours on the large courses. To find a disc golf course near you, we recommend that you download the app "uDisc" for your smartphone. In the app you'll always find an updated map of the courses in Denmark and all over the world.

What is the difference between a disc and a frisbee?

Most people know a frisbee and have tried throwing one in the schoolyard, in the park or on the beach. The term frisbee comes from one of the first flying plastic discs that was used for throwning to each other. A frisbee is thus a specific disc. Since frisbee was the name of one of the earliest models, the name has stuck and is today also used as a common term for all discs. This is technically not entirely correct, although many today also refer to disc golf as frisbee golf. The term frisbee golf gives the impression that it is played with a frisbee where the common term disc and thus disc golf is more accurate. Disc golf discs are smaller than the original frisbee, and while it can be said that all frisbees are also discs, not all discs are frisbees.