Disc Golf School Bundle 30 discs and bag

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Disc Tree's school set contains 30 disc golf discs, a practical disc golf bag for transport and storage and 30 mini markers. With a school set, you can quickly start playing disc golf with your students, colleagues or friends. Everyone can participate in disc golf regardless of age and physical condition.

Play disc golf both at home or away

You can play disc golf in many places. There are established disc golf courses all over the country, and you can also create your own "object course" where you choose a number of obstacles that you must hit or play around in a specific order. It can be soccer goals, trees, trash cans or much else that the disc must pass, and you can change your path from time to time.

Disc golf school set from Disc Tree

With a school set you get everything you need to play disc golf. With each disc and a mini marker, you get the feeling of playing real disc golf. Mini markers are used to mark where you land before picking up your disc and throwing again. The smart practice bag has space for all 30 discs and mini markers, so the set is easy to transport and store between games. The set contains:

  • 30 Discmania Active Sensei discs
  • 30 Disc tree mini markers.
  • 1 piece Latitude 64 Practice rear