PDGA World Championships

The World Disc Golf Championships are held every year and attract the very best disc golfers from around the world. There is competition in both men's and women's ranks as well as different age divisions. The open Pro ranks fight for the title of world champion. In order to support the tournament, different merchandise with the tournament logo is published every year, which you will find here on the page.

The World Disc Golf Championships

The World Disc Golf Championship is the highlight of the year in the disc golf calendar, where the world's best players compete for the coveted title. The tournament, held annually by the Professional Disc Golf Association (PDGA), features both men's and women's divisions. The World Championship highlights the precision, strategy and athleticism required to excel in disc golf.

Official PDGA Disc Golf World Championship merchandise

Here you will find a selection of official PDGA Pro Disc Golf World Championship merchandise featuring the World Championship logo. The range includes specially designed discs and accessories. Whether you're looking for collectibles or new discs for your own game on the court, you'll find a good selection here.

The world's best disc golfers

The best disc golfer in the world is chosen each year at the PDGA Pro Disc Golf World Championships. Many legends in the sport have made their name for this tournament and among the very biggest are names like Ken Klimo, Paul McBeth, Nate Doss, Elanie King, Juliana Korver, Valarie Jenkins, Paige Pierce and Kristin Tattar. What these past and present players have in common is that they have all won the World Disc Golf Championships more than once.

Fundraiser discs and equipment for the largest tournaments

Many major disc golf tournaments depend on income from their sponsors and partners to keep things going. That is why at Disc Tree you will always find a large selection of tournament discs so that you can also help support the big tournaments around the world.