Active Premium Magician

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Magician is a stable fairway driver from Discmanias Active line. It is designed to only turn very slightly when it flies before ending with a reliable fade. The stable flight make it a good disc for throwing into the headwind for ned players. Discmanias Premium Active line discs are great discs for players that have started playing recently and who are looking for a more durable plastic compare to the Discmania Active line. You'll experience that the Active Premium discs wear significantly slower than the Active discs and thereby the flight charateristics will remain the same for longer. The form (mold) of the disc is the same as the Active Magician, only the plastic type is different.

All Active Premium discs are available in three colors: Blue, pink og yellow, and weighs between 165 and 170 grams.

We recommend the Active Premium Magician as the stable fairway driver for new disc golf players that is looking to start with a higher quality disc or who wants to upgrade from their starter discs after playing for a while.